IMechE Student Chapter of KDU

The IMechE Student Chapter of KDU was established in 2022 by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, with the approval of the University. IMechE is an engineering professional body with over 115,000 members in 140 countries around the world with a mandate to promote and uplift the Mechanical Engineering Profession. The IMechE strives to be globally recognized by authority in Mechanical Engineering supporting a global engineering community. It serves as a platform to develop professional Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineers, and to enhance teamwork and leadership skills of undergraduates.

Since then, it has been adding vivid experiences to the student life and a greater platform for the undergraduates by organizing guest lectures, workshops, competitions, social outreach activities, industrial day and exhibitions with the blessings of the university. These activities increase the creativity and soft skills of the students and facilitates the development of a Mechanical Engineer that is responsible to the society.

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