Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics was established in the 6th floor of the Faculty of Engineering since 2011 as a service department.

The department introduces a wide range of Mathematical modules which require to fulfill the Mathematics requirement of BSc Engineering degree programs offered by various Engineering departments of the Faculty of Engineering while enhancing the capacity of Engineering students for abstract reasoning and their overall intellectual capacity, and it is responsible for making a substantial contribution to the creation of engineers at the university as well. Moreover, the department also offers several modules in Mathematics and Statistics to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities, and Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at KDU.

Even though you may feel most mathematics topics taught in your first year classes are familiar, do not fall into the trap of thinking, “ I Familiar yet do not fall into the trap of thinking already know this” and will lose broad new ideas if so. You will find us to be a small and friendly division, and very soon, you will get with us.

Vision of the Department

To produce graduates who have the capability and motivation to solve problems they encounter and thus provide brainpower to the involved organization.

Mission of the Department

To elevate the quality of a graduate and carry out multidisciplinary research by mobilizing analytical thinking, quantification, and reasoning by enhancing the learner’s mathematical capacity.

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