FLB 4: Teaching, Learning Aid and Laboratory Development Committee

The Engineering Faculty Board 4 is directly functioning under the Dean of the faculty and responsible for the developments and improvements in teaching and learning aids in classrooms and laboratories. 

The board consists with one Advisor, Chairperson, Convenor and members.

Procurement of laboratory apparatus for respective laboratories is under the direct purview of the respective Head of Department. 

The members of the board conduct regular inspections in all classrooms, laboratories and sanitary facilities available at the Faculty of Engineering and propose suggestions to the faculty board and initiate actions accordingly. 

The board will take necessary corrective/preventive actions and do implementations in relevant fields. 

Committee Members

Sr. No.NamePosition
01Dr. TMWRMB SamarakoonAdvisor
02Eng. (Mr) HGS HikkaduwaChairperson
03LCdr(E) MCH ChandrasiriMember
04Major DMSS DelgamuwaMember
05Major AAM De ZoysaMember
06Mrs. GMSM GaspeMember
07Mr SD KarunarathnaMember
08Mr. HAI De SilvaConvener
09Mr.LSL FernandoMember
10Ms. WHDT KarunarathnaMember