FLB 6: Staff-Student Affairs and Sports Development Committee

The Faculty Academic Administrative Board 6 is headed by the Advisor, Snr. Prof. MARV Fernando and the Chairperson, Wg Cdr (Eng) SN Kiriwella. The Faculty Level Board 6 was formed to discuss faculty-level matters on student issues, sports, health and safety, entertainment, student welfare, societies, social activities and faculty trips.

The Faculty Level Board 6 is conducting monthly meetings with Students and Staff to discuss any matters under the above Area of Responsibility (AOR). The Board also advises the Dean and the Faculty Board on said matters.

Faculty Level Board 6 consists of the following appointment holders and their AOR is as given.

Advisor01Snr. Prof. MARV Fernando



Chairperson02Wg Cdr (Eng) SN Kiriwella
Members03L Cdr (E) KREMSB EkanayakeSports
04LCdr (E) AATD PriyashanClubs and Societies
05LCdr (E) MCH ChandrasiriHealth and Safety
06Ms. S KasthuriSports
07Eng. Ms. SS MorapitiyaStudent Matters/ Faculty Trips
08Mr. KDCN JayawardanaStudent Matters
09Mr. PDN SenarathneSocial Activities
10Ms. NGSA NawarathneStudent Matters
11Ms. ULTH RatnayakeClubs and Societies
12Mr. S SivanujanSocial Activities
13Mr.AD RasandunConvener