FLB 1: Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Faculty of Engineering, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University has a mandate to create a culture that seeks to continually improve the quality of the academic and other activities of the Faculty.

  • Members
  • 1.ChairpersonDr. RP Kumanayake
    2.Acting chairpersonProf. WCDK Fernando
    3.DeanProf. TL Weerawardane
    4.AdvisorProf. JP Karunadasa
    5.ConvenerMr. AAJ Gunasekara
    6.MembersDr. TA Madanayake (Chairperson, ADPC)
    7.Mr. SLMD Rangajeewa
    8.Mr. NS Rathnayake
    9.Ms. PN Karunanayake
    10.Mr. IUE Naotunna
    11.Mr. RMRC Udayananda
    12.Mr. DA Rohana
    13.LCdr. RDMHM Ariyarathna
    14.Mr. SP Gajanayake
    15.Mr. KG Samarawickrama
    16.Ms. K Vidanapathirana
    17.HODsCapt. DS Bogahawatte
    18.Dr. TWKIM Dias
    19.Capt. TADBP Tissarachchi
    20.Capt. RT Hettiarachchi
    21.Dr. US Rahubadda
    22.Wg. Cdr. SN Kiriwella
    23.Programme coordinatorsEng. BHJ Pushpakumara
    24.Ms. PN Karunanayake
    25.Mr. WSP Fernando
    26.Mr. EHADK Hewadikaram
    27.Dr. ASM Mendis
    28.Capt. (Retd.) HGS Hikkaduwa
    29.LCdr. MRRA Bandara
    30.Department NomineesMr. KAP Malake
    31.Dr. NS Miguntanna (Chairperson, Board 2)
    32.Mr. TSS Senarathna
    33.LCdr. NVL DeSilva
    34.Mr. WRU Fernando
  • Terms of Reference
  • 1 Purpose

    Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Faculty of Engineering, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University has a mandateto create a culture that seeks to continually improve the quality of the academic and other activities of the Faculty.

    2 Composition of IQAC and Meetings

    The composition of IQAC shall be,

    1. Chairperson IQAC
    2. Advisers of IQAC (Ex Officio)
    3. Dean, Faculty of Engineering (Ex Officio)
    4. Heads of Departments (Ex Officio) or Nominee
    5. Programme Coordinators (Ex Officio)
    6. Chairperson, Academic Development and Planning Committee (Ex Officio)
    7. Chairperson, Board 2 (Ex Officio) or Nominee
    8. Convener
    9. Members of Board 1
    10. Department Nominees


    2.1 Special Invitation

    Any other relevant person(s) may be invited to attend a specific session as required.

    2.2 Appointment of Members

    The Chairperson and Convener shall be appointed by the Faculty Board. Each Department shall nominate a representative. The communication to IQAC will come through relevant Head of Department.

    2.3 Terms of Office

    Terms of office for the IQAC members shall be two years. If a person is replaced, the remaining period of the predecessor is considered as the office term of the successor.

    2.4 Meetings

    At least six (06) meetings shall be conducted for a calendar year. The scheduled meetings will be on second Wednesday of each month. It may consider matters by correspondence. 

    2.5 Quorum

    Quorum shall be at least 50% of the membership.

    2.6 Meeting Minutes

    The Convener of IQAC shall record the proceedings of each meeting and on approval of the Chairperson, will circulate unconfirmed minutes to IQAC members. The committee will be asked to check the minutes by circulatory resolution. Chairperson shall sign the minutes and produce it to the Faculty Board for approval.

    3 Responsibilities and Duties

    3.1 Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Engineering

    1. Liaise with the Centre for Quality Assurance (CQA) of KDU, in facilitating activities related to quality assurance of Faculty of Engineering.
    2. Promote quality enhancement activities within the Faculty liaising with all departments and boards.
    3. Collate and analyze Faculty Quality Assurance data not limited to course maintenance, student feedback, external reviews, course conduct, etc.
    4. Devise and suggest additional quality assurance measures or improvement to the existing measures based on the findings on various quality assurance indicators.
    5. Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for academic and other activities of the Faculty and submit for the approval of the Faculty Board.
    6. Monitor continual quality improvement (CQI) in each degree/study program and give report on follow-up actions to the Faculty Board.
    7. Organize/conduct workshops and seminars on quality related matters and facilitate implementation of quality culture in the Faculty of Engineering.
    8. Implement quality audits in departments and units.


    3.2 Chairperson of IQAC

    1. Liaise with the Director, CQA of KDU to coordinate faculty level quality assurance activities.
    2. Liaise with the Heads of Departments and Chairpersons of other boards to coordinate quality assurance activities of the faculty.
    3. Organize IQAC meetings of the Engineering Faculty.
    4. Chair IQAC meetings efficiently, encouraging contributions of all committee members and seeking consensus when making decisions.
    5. Assure that the activities of the committee are conducted in compliance with relevant policies and guidelines of the University and within regulatory requirements of relevant professional bodies.
    6. Monitor the collation and analysis of Faculty quality assurance data.
    7. Work with other related boards and units within the Faculty on matters related to quality assurance.
    8. Report the activities of the IQAC to the Faculty Board.


    3.3 Convener

    1. Giving notice of the meetings, preferably at least one week in advance.
    2. Preparing the agenda, in consultation with the Chairperson, and circulating it to the members.
    3. Convene the IQAC committee meetings.
    4. Record the proceedings of IQAC committee meetings.
    5. Writing the minutes so that they are deemed accurate record of what was discussed and decided at the meeting.
    6. Circulate IQAC meeting minutes and relevant documents to the members.
    7. Prepare board papers on decisions made at the IQAC meeting, in consultation with the Chairperson, and send them to the Secretary of Faculty Board.
    8. Bear the responsibility of keeping records of the minutes, board papers and other important documents related to the IQAC.


    4 Amendments to the Terms of Reference

    Any amendments to the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the IQAC will be approved by the Faculty Board. The current ToR is in effect from 06th March 2024 as approved by the Faculty Board.

  • Policy on Quality Assurance
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  • Action Plan

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