FLB 5: Information Technology and e-Learning Development Committee

Faculty Academic Administrative Board (IT Cell/LMS/eLearning/online teaching/Networks/Telephone/eBooks/Library matters)

Faculty Level Board Five, through its specialized members, plays a pivotal role in leveraging technology to enhance the overall academic experience. By addressing matters related to IT infrastructure, online learning, network management, and library resources, this board contributes to the university commitment to delivering high-quality education in a technologically advanced environment.

Committee Members

Eng. SU DampageAdvisor
Dr. US RahubaddaAdvisor
Mr. WSP FernandoChairperson
Mr. BHJ PushpakumaraMember
Capt DDGR KarunarathneMember
Capt GHDC GanegodaConvener 
Mr. WLPK WijesingheMember
Ms. RMDSD RanasingheMember
Mr. AAJ GunasekaraMember
Mr.SAN KulasingheMember
Mr. TSS SenarathnaMember