Department of Marine Engineering - Faculty of Engineering, KDU

Welcome to the Department of Marine Engineering

The Department of Marine Engineering was first established in 1991 under the Director of Academic Studies as a separate department at the Kotelawala Defence Academy. Prior to its establishment, all students were enlisted in the Engineering branch of the Sri Lanka Navy and awarded bachelor’s degrees in Defence Studies based on a Mechanical Engineering background. Based on the emerging national requirements and evolving technologies acquired by the Sri Lanka Navy, the need was identified to establish an educational element that produces competent officers with a sound marine engineering background to serve, especially onboard various ships and other engineering establishments. As such, the Academy became the only governmental institution facilitating a degree programme in Marine Engineering in the country. Later on, the Bachelor’s degree offered by General Sir John Kotelawala University was upgraded to a four-year honors degree in Marine Engineering by adding more competitive Marine Engineering modules to its curriculum.

The department currently offers Bachelor of Science in Engineering Honours degrees in two disciplines: BSc Eng (Hons) in Marine Engineering and BSc Eng (Hons) in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Accordingly, it has provided the opportunity for day-scholars to earn an internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering for the first time in Sri Lanka.

The academia of the department is comprised of professional marine engineers who serve in the Sri Lanka Navy and academic and field experts who serve in local and international institutes and the maritime industry. The Head of Department post was reserved for a senior officer of the Sri Lanka Navy with a sound academic background, professional expertise, and experience in the field of marine engineering. Additionally, three engineers in the Sri Lanka Navy, who are qualified in the fields of Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture are being inducted as Lecturers in the department.

The Department is facilitated with several laboratories , a Marine Diesel Engine Simulator, an Engineering Workshop, Design Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Marine Laboratory, Hydrodynamics Laboratory and Inshore Petrol Craft (IPC) use by the Sri Lanka Navy. The Display Model Laboratory is equipped with different types of marine machinery and associated components that are dedicated towards illustrating practical sessions for the students. The engine simulator continues to provide resourceful professionals with practical knowledge about the operation and watch keeping practices of marine diesel engines and generators. The engineering workshop is equipped with a variety of conventional and sophisticated machineries to assist students to excel in various machining processes used in industry.


To fulfill the expectation of Sri Lanka Navy with the utmost professionalism at highest degree of efficiency by in-cooperating new naval design and adhering to best naval engineering practices


Produce a marine engineer who is equipped with high personal and professional capabilities and who by virtue of innovative knowledge, competency, training and self-discipline keeps with the requirements of a skilled marine engineer for the society and is a perfect match to perform expected job function