Department of Civil Engineering - Faculty of Engineering, KDU

BScEngHons in Building Services Engineering

Course titleBachelor of the Science of Engineering Honours in Building Services Engineering
Abbreviated titleBScEngHons in Building Services Engineering
Field of SpecializationBuilding Services Engineering
Medium of instructionEnglish

The course duration of the degree programme is 4 years (eight semesters), and an additional 6 month period is allocated for military training especially for officer cadets. The students in the Faculty of Engineering select their specializations at the end of the first semester. Presently, the department accommodates students who fall into following categories.

  • The officer cadets permanently recruited to the armed forces
  • The commissioned officers
  • The volunteer force officer cadets on fee levying
  • The students who are admitted to the faculty as day-scholars on fee levying basis

Programme Structure

The total credit rating for the programme is 135 Grade Point Average (GPA) credits and 18 Non-Grade Point Average (NGPA) credits.