EFQAC/GUIDELINE/02  Guidelines for Preparing Written Examination Paper

FOE/EX/10  Template of Examination Paper

EFQAC/FORM/08  Moderators Checklist & Report Form

2.2 DR – Exam (4) F2  Original question paper handing over form

FOE/EX/13  Admission Card

FOE/EX/14  Admission Card Distribution Report

FOE/EX/16  Exam Absentee List

Peer observation forms

FOE/PL/02  Peer Observation Policy and SoP

EFQAC/FORM/06-I  Peer Observation Form – Physical Lecture

EFQAC/FORM/07-II  Peer Observation Form – Online Lecture

Practicals/Lab management forms

EFIQAC/LAB/01  Lab sheet (Practicals) Front Page

EFIQAC/LAB/02  Staff Practical Attendance Report

EFIQAC/LAB/03  Students Practical Attendance Report

Industrial Training

EFQAC/DOC/SOP/IT/1  SoP – Selection Process of Students for Industrial Training Organization

KDU/FOE/IT/(I)  Industrial Placement Application Form – Cadet

KDU/FOE/IT/(II)  Industrial Placement Application Form – Dayscholar

KDUFOE/IT/(III)  Industrial Training Guide Book

Final Year Project

EFQAC/D/04  SOP for external research supervisors

EFQAC/FYP/01  External Research Supervisor Registration form

EFQAC/FYP/02  Form to Request for Assistance with FYP

Feedback Forms

EFQAC/FORM/01  Student feedback (Lectures)

EFQAC/FORM/02  Student feedback (Laboratory Practical Series)

FOE/EX/(19-II)  Student feedback (Laboratory Practical Session)

FOE/EX/(20 – II)  Student feedback (Tutorials)

EFQAC/FORM/03  Student feedback (Industrial Training)

EFQAC/D/03  Institutional Feedback (industrial training)

EFQAC/FORM/04  Student feedback (Field Visits)

EFQAC/FORM/05  Student feedback (Student Projects)

FOE/OR/01  Student Feedback (Orientation Programme)

EFQAC/FORM/08  Alumni feedback on the Degree Programme

EFQAC/D/02  Employer feedback on FoE Graduates


EFIQAC/LA   Letter of Appreciation

General References


Codes of Practice

Code of Practice on Assessment of Students

Code of Practice on Career Guidance

Code of Practice on External Assessors

Code of Practice on Postgraduate Research Programmes

Code of Practice on Programme Approval, Monitoring and Review

Code of Practice on Staff Development

Code of Practice on Student Feedback

Code of Practice on Peer Observation

Code of Academic Accountability for Academic Staff in Sri Lankan University System

IESL Recognition Manual

IESL Accreditation Manual

Manual for Review of Undergraduate Study Programmes of Sri Lankan Universities and Higher Education Institutes

Manual for Institutional Review of Sri Lankan Universities and Higher Education Institutes


EFQAC_PO_01 pre-observation form

EFQAC_PO_02 Observation form

EFQAC_PO_03 post-observation form