Coursework Submissions

EFIQAC/CCP/06  Assignment Cover page – Group

EFIQAC/CCP/07  Assignment Cover page – Individual

FOE/EX/(19-II)  Student Feedback Form for Practical

FOE/EX/(20 – II)  Student Feedback Form for Tutorials/a>


FOE/EX/19  Registration Form for End Semester Examinations

FOE/EX/12  Registration Form for Elective/Optional Modules

FOE/EX/17  Application Form for Repeat Examinations

FOE/EX/18  Application Form for the Verification of Grades

Field Selection

KDU/FOR/19-I   Field of Study Application Form – Cadet

KDU/FOR/19-II   Field of Study Application Form – Dayscholar<

Humanities Modules

FOE/HM/01  Humanities Modules Selection Form

Industrial Training

KDU/FOE/IT/(I)  Industrial Placement Application Form – Cadet

KDU/FOE/IT/(II)  Industrial Placement Application Form – Dayscholar

KDUFOE/IT/(III)  Industrial Training Guide Book

Final Year Research Project

EFQAC/FYP/02  Form to Request for Assistance with FYP

Final Year Research Project Report

EFIQAC/CCP/01  Hard Cover – Individual Project

EFIQAC/CCP/02  Soft Cover – Individual Project

EFIQAC/CCP/03  Soft Cover – Group Project

EFIQAC/CCP/04  Spine lettering

Feedback Forms 

Alumni Feedback Form

Employer Feedback Form