Message from the Dean

Welcome to KDU’s Faculty of Engineering.
The role of engineers is at a crucial juncture at present. Today, the world is heavily relying on engineering inventors to solve enormous challenges. Humanity is looking forward to engineers on leadership, and it’s the responsibility of universities to prepare them to lead.

At KDU’s Faculty of Engineering (FoE), we’ve set exciting new goals to ensure the highest quality and excellence in all disciplines. By attracting innovative minds to our talented faculty, our students will have the opportunity to learn from the best in their fields. By focusing on the quality of everything even outside the lab and classroom, experiential learning, and counseling, we’re serving the needs of the whole student.
On this pathway to the graduation, the kind of leaders we ultimately deliver is unique to the KDU’s FoE due to well amalgamated civil-military partnership.

We believe that the biggest impact we can achieve as a faculty will come from creating an inspired and passionate culture that is driven by a common mission to continuously learn, to innovate, and to contribute—for the good of one another, our communities, indeed, for the whole humankind.

I also believe that tomorrow’s leaders are made, not born. As such, the Faculty of Engineering is committed to providing our blueprint for leadership development: an alliance of civil-military expertise, technical fluency, life skills, community interaction, and crucial conversations about what leadership means and looks like in the workplace, and in society at large.

We start with raw material. We then set out to realize that promise with utmost commitment, incorporated with the Faculty of Defence And Strategic Studies.
Our students have the capacity to develop wide-ranging skills, tackle new opportunities & experiences, and become well-rounded leaders long before even graduation due to aforesaid partnership.

Within the faculty, you will find hardworking academia, technical officers, office staff, counselors, and other supporting staff who are energized to help you achieve your goals.
At KDU, we’re not only developing the leaders of tomorrow, but we also looking forward to the sustainable future.
Thank you for choosing KDU, and again, Welcome to the FoE!

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Thushara Weerawardane
Dean / Faculty of Engineering,
General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University,
Kandawala Road,
     Sri Lanka.