Faculty Research Cell (FRC)

The Faculty Research Cell (FRC) was established in 2018 with the purpose of enhancing the research culture within the Faculty of Engineering by stimulating and monitoring the research or research related activities in the faculty. Organizing Faculty Research Seminars is one of the main activities carried out by FRC. In this series of seminars, faculty academic staff is encouraged to present their research findings to both the academic staff and the undergraduates. These seminars are expected to raise awareness of on-going research in the faculty and thereby to improve the collaborative research within the faculty.


Eng. SU DampageDean
Ms. JI AbegoonewardeneChairperson
Ms. PPSS PussepitiyaMember – Mechanical Engineering
Dr.DDTK KulathungaMember – Civil Engineering
Lt.Cdr KGC PathmalMember – Marine Engineering
Mr.SD KarunarathnaMember – EE,EN & T Engineering
Ms.AG AshaniMember – Mathematics
Mr.WDT FernandoMember – Aeronautical Engineering
Eng.S.S.MorapitiyaConvener – EE,EN & T Engineering




Faculty Research Seminar 2019

  • The first research seminar for year 2019 was conducted successfully on 28th of February 2019. In this seminar, Mr. Dakshina Fernando from the Department of Aeronautical Engineering presented his research work on “Advanced Modelling of KF Implemented Flying Wing”.
  • The second research seminar for year 2019 was successfully held on 09th May 2019. The speaker, Mr. FBYR De Silva from the Department of Mechanical Engineering presented his research work on “Performance Assessment of Downdraft Biomass Gasifier”.
  • Another successful research seminar for year 2019 was held on 04th July 2019 in which Dr. Ishani Dias, a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Civil Engineering presented her research work on “Evaluation of retro-reflective signal backplates in preventing red-light-running violations.”

Guest Lectures and Workshops 2019

  • A workshop was organized on “Enhancing Competencies on Academic Writing”, with the aim of improving the academic writing skills of academic and academic supporting staff of the faculty. The workshop was conducted on 1st of August 2019 by Professor Priyan Dias, a Senior Professor of University of Moratuwa.
  • A guest lecture was conducted successfully on 17th of October 2019, by Professor Rangika Halwathura (Commissioner of Sri Lanka Inventor Commision-SLIC) on “Science/Innovation-Where to Start”.

Guest Lectures and Workshops 2020

  • A guest lecture on “How to be a good researcher” was conducted successfully on 11th of February 2020 by Prof. JB Ekanayake from University of Moratuwa.
  • On 30th of July 2020 a workshop, ” Statistical Data Analysis Workshop ‘R’ Software ” was conducted by Dr.Ajith de Mel of KDU.
  • A webinar was conducted on 17th of December 2020 on ” Innovative Research Mindset ” by Dr. Pujitha de Silva , Director- Center for Biomedical Innovation of University of Moratuwa. The aim was this programme was provide motivation for the final year students who embarked on their final year project edmist the COVID 19 pandemic situation.
Final Year Project Exhibition 2020

The Final Year Project Exhibition 2020 featuring the research projects of the students of intake 34 was organized by the Research Cell as a virtual event due to the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic. The online exhibition, the first of its kind at KDU, was held from 0900-1200 hours on 25th March 2021. Altogether thirty-eight captivating projects covering nine engineering disciplines were presented in an interactive online platform. Projects that are having more industry relevance, include novel product development or include in-depth engineering research were selected to present.

The Winners of the exhibition:

1st Place : “Effect of humans due to the deposition of heavy metals in Weras ganga” conducted by Miss IE Vidyananda, supervised by Dr Methsiri Samarakoon.

2nd Place: “A method combining physical, chemical and biological processes to treat leachate generated from dumpsites” conducted by Miss DMA Devindi, supervised by Dr Methsiri Samarakoon.

3rd Place : ” Design and fabricate Dual Battery Throttle and paddle assist, Low weight E-bicycle for Sri Lankan Market” conducted by Mr RMPMD Rajapaksha, Mr UVH Sameera, Mr KALTM Ranasinghe and supervised by Mrs Sujeetha Gaspe and Mr WS Melvin.

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Faculty Research Seminar 2021

The Faculty Research Seminar was relaunched after the temporary halt in the programme due to the COVID 19 pandemic. As such a virtual seminar was organized on 19th May 2021, featuring the research of Cmde MCP Dissanayake, HOD Marine Engineering. He presented his research on “Designing of a Novel Pre-treatment Process Combining with Strychnos potatorum Seed Filter for Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis application: To reduce operating cost and improve lifetime of membrane

A larger gathering of students and staff were present via Zoom.

The Faculty Research Seminar for the months of June was held on 25th June 2021, featuring Dr Nadeeka Migunthanna, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Civil Engineering. She presented her research on “Characteristics of flow past a slender, emergent cylinder in shallow open channels”.

The session was well received by staff and students who engaged in an interactive discussion via Zoom following her presentation.