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Student Details

The composition of the student of the department is

                   Local candidates

                   Foreign candidates

                   Fee levying candidates


Local and foreign cadets are directly enlisted for military services and fee levying basics students are free to perform in civil society. Cadets’ officers who are graduates from the E & E Engineering Department are mainly employed as Engineering Officers of


          Sri Lanka Army Signal Corps (SL Army)

          Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical EngineeringCorps (SL Army)

Engineering Service Regiment (SL Army)

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Branch – (SL Navy)

Electronics & Telecommunication Branch – (SL Air Force)

Civil Engineering Branch – (SL Air Force)


The Kotelawala Defense University takes in approx 80 students each year for the Department of Electrical Electronic and Telecommunication, from students offering Physics, Chemistry and Combined Mathematics at the GCE (Advanced Level) Examination. These students follow a common intensive training programme of 04 months along with the students of all streams which consists of initial military training, computer orientation course and a comprehensive English course. Thereafter in the 1st semester students follow a common Engineering programme along with students of all Engineering disciplines. Apart from this, the students also follow subjects which are common to all undergraduate degree programmes offered by the university.



In the second semester, the Engineering students will be divided into different disciplines as per the vacancies available in different branches/regiments of respective services. Students for the department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering will be allocated and selected according to the available vacancies of the Sri Lanka Army, Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Air Force. The average intake of students for the Department has been 10-15 students each year.


Graduates from the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department are mainly employed as Engineering Officers of the Sri Lanka Signal Corp, Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineering of the Sri Lanka Army, Tech Signal Branch and Air Traffic Control Branch of Air Force and Electrical Engineering branch of the Sri Lanka Navy where they engage in maintenance and development of Ground, Naval and air Electrical and Electronic assets of the Sri Lanka Armed Force.