Intake 34 Research Projects

No.Index No.NameStreamGroup No.Project TitleSupervisor/s
15073DHWHMMPB DunuwillaME1Stove design to produce bio char and bio energy in small scaleMr. KDPR Jayatilaka
25122DMVT DissanayakeME 
35137RHKD RanasingheME 
45086GGRC DharmarathneME2Design and analyse prototype vehicle which uses ground effect and underwater capabilitiesCapt. SAAAK Athukorala
55104KLWGT KaushalyaMEMr. Randana De Silva
65120KDP AnjanaME 
75125GGAM GamageME 
85092PACW VithanageME3Coconut dehusking and chip cutting machineDr. RMPS Bandara
95115AMDP BandaraME 
105130HPBK HewapathiranaME 
115098HVS DilshanME4Design of a semi automated clay brick molding machineMr. KDPR Jayatilaka
125116DN WijesooriyaME 
135121LKS DilshanME 
145105HMNK HerathME5Rowing simulatorCapt. MCP Dissanayake
155112WGDN WeerasiriME 
165133TAN MendisME 
175106AAS ArjunaME6 Cruise missileEng SU Dampage
 Two students from ET Cdre JU Gunaseela
185110WPKD NandasiriME7Condenser Cooling method for freezers to reduce the cooling load of the air conditioned super markets.PPSS Pussepitiya
195139NDS VirajME 
205141WABD WickramaarachchiME 
21ENG/17/003SS KottageME8Hybrid stretcher ( stretcher + wheelchair)Dr. RMPS Bandara
22ENG/17/059DADL PitigalaME 
23ENG/17/084DK SamarasingheME 
24ENG/17/008WTM FernandoME9Industrial bottle washing machineMr. KDPR Jayatilaka
25ENG/17/028KS HewavithanaME 
26ENG/17/074ARMJA RathnayakeME 
27ENG/17/055DPU ThrimavithanaME10Design Fabrication and Investigating the Economic viability of Thermal Storage System for Central Air conditioningDr. RMPS Bandara
28ENG/17/087GP MunasingheMEMr. KDPR Jayatilaka
29ENG/17/097AS PathiranaME 
30ENG/17/069SALK MinuraME11Automatic tyre inflation and deflation system for AutomobileDr. RMPS Bandara
31ENG/17/077ANRV WickramanayakeMEMr. KDPR Jayatilaka
32ENG/17/101HMMM HerathME 
33ENG/17/081MLA PeirisME126-Movement ICU BedCapt. MCP Dissanayake
34ENG/17/094VR ManageMECapt. SAAAK Athukorala
35ENG/F/0042JLS JayewardeneME 
36ENG/17/085PGRW PremaratneME13Desing of plastic waste clean up array system at Bolgoda lakeCapt. MCP Dissanayake
37ENG/17/090WAAR WanasekaraME 
38ENG/17/116N AzmyME 
No.Index No.NameStreamGroup No.Project TitleSupervisor/s
15070RS GinigeMC1Brackish water Reverse OsmosisCapt. MCP Dissanayake
25103KKN FernandoMC 
3ENG/17/131SD SilvaMC 
45107S NandakumaraMC2Development of an automated slide staining machineMr. WSP Fernando
55117HASS MadudhanMCDr. Punchibandara (Ext)
65136SDM EdirisingheMC 
75109RMDS KumaraMC3Design of an AGVMrs. GMSM Gaspe
8ENG/17/032TAN MahillMCMr. Shalika Amarathunga (Ext)
9ENG/17/146IH EdirisingheMC 
10ENG/17/007RMPMD RajapakshaMC4Design and fabricate Dual Battery Throttle and paddle assist, Low weight E-bicycle for Srilankan MarketMrs. GMSM Gaspe
11ENG/17/011UVH SameeraMCMr. WS Melvin (Ext)
12ENG/17/043KALTM RanasingheMC 
13ENG/17/016R RanasingheMC5Rip currents detection and awareness systemCapt. MCP Dissanayake
14ENG/17/020EMK EkanayakeMCMrs. GMSM Gaspe
15ENG/17/170I UthpalanjanaMC 
16ENG/17/021VK JayawardenaMC6Quality Defect Detector For a Production Line Using Machine LearningMrs. GMSM Gaspe
17ENG/17/160SS LankageeganageMCMr. Shalika Amarathunga (Ext)
18ENG/17/169RS DewasurendraMC 
19ENG/17/022LTKV WickramathungaMC7Develop an Unmanned Aquatic Weed Harvesting SystemMrs. GMSM Gaspe
20ENG/17/036SAN KulasingheMC 
21ENG/17/040SC SuraweeraMC 
22ENG/17/048SMS PrashanMC8Development of a manufacturing integration systemMrs. GMSM Gaspe
23ENG/17/052TGT ShalinthaMCMr.Nuwan Basnayake
24ENG/17/173HH DewruwanMC 
25ENG/17/089JN LudowykeMC9Design and development of an automated packing machine for platignum pensMrs. GMSM Gaspe
26ENG/17/128HMP MilankeMC 
27ENG/17/150BL WidanagamaMC 
28ENG/17/098SMN FernandoMC10Development of an Automated Inventory Management SystemMrs. GMSM Gaspe
29ENG/17/107KML De SilvaMCMr. KDPR Jayatilaka
30ENG/17/134WMRB WeerasingheMC 
31ENG/17/108GK KaluthanthriMC11Develop and validate a predictive maintenance model using artificial intelligenceMrs. GMSM Gaspe
32ENG/17/156CO AbeysekaraMCMr. KDPR Jayatilaka
33ENG/17/157OD RamadasaMC 
34ENG/17/117DNB ArambepolaMC12Automated medicine dispenser with prescription character recognition.Mrs. GMSM Gaspe
35ENG/17/137SAIR SatharasingheMC 
36ENG/17/166MRS MadhawaMC