To produce engineering graduates who possess core Mechanical Engineering competencies fitting into a multidisciplinary setup and are capable of facing diverse challenges in the Tri-services, Industry, Academia, and Entrepreneurship, giving due attention to social, ethical, and environmental concerns.


To be an indispensable organisation in Mechanical Engineering education with zeal to provide a value-driven platform for students to acquire knowledge and empower themselves to shoulder higher responsibilities in the development of the nation.


  • To promote Mechanical Engineering education and research by providing quality education in keeping with time and technology.
  • To produce graduates who are practitioners of engineering, concerned with applying scientific knowledge, mathematics, and ingenuity to develop solutions for engineering problems.


  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, basic sciences, and engineering sciences to Mechanical Engineering practises.
  • Investigate and analyse complex problems with scientific research methods and engineering knowledge.
  • Provide practical and sustainable solutions for Mechanical Engineering problems.
  • Design systems, components, and processes that comply with relevant standards.
  • Apply computational, laboratory, field, and IT tools in engineering activities.
  • Assess social, health, safety, legal, and cultural issues related to Mechanical Engineering practises and propose integrated solutions.
  • Function as an individual and as a leader or a member of multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Communicate effectively with the engineering community and society at large.
  • Conduct engineering practises while adhering to professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • Apply knowledge of management and business practises in the Mechanical Engineering context.
  • Comprehend and prepare technical reports and documentation; make effective presentations.
  • Engage in continuous professional development and life-long learning.