Mathematics Help Center

The engineering faculty has allocated a space to launch the function of the mathematics help center. The demand for this mathematics help center was raised by the faculty board paper 90/04 and approved by the senate KDU. The allocation of this apace intends to pay more attention/ interaction between the teacher and student and obtain a substantial outcome for their academic explorations. As per the faculty board paper, the objectives are  

  • To develop solving skills on mathematics problems. 
  • To conduct assignments or repeat candidates. 
  • Support and guidance for student research work. 
  • Discuss the tutorial/ assignments with the assistance of the Instructor. 
  • Enhance the knowledge of mathematics and statistics. 

The teachers have already prepared a schedule for utilizing the given space in the future. We hope the capacity of the mathematics help center can enhance and provide more service to the faculty of engineering and KDU.  

Schedule for Mathematics Help Center



February 8, 2022 / Maths

Mathematics Help Center