Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

Lab In-charge:                        Dr. NK Gunasekara

Appointed TO:                        Mr. PP Rajamanthri


Hydraulic Engineering is one of the core subjects of the Civil Engineering degree programme at General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University. The Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory offers a variety of equipment for experimenting and analyzing various topics in fluid mechanics and hydraulic engineering including engineering properties of fluids, hydrostatics, fluid kinematics.

The laboratory is currently equipped with the following instruments to aid in undergraduate learning and engineering research:

  • Bernoulli’s Theorem apparatus
  • Metacentric Height Apparatus
  • Hydraulic Bench
  • Portable Current Meter
  • Hydraulic Flume
  • Flow over weirs
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus
  • Venturimeter & Orifice Meter