Building Materials and Construction Laboratory

Lab In-charge:                          Eng. BHJ Pushpakumara

Appointed TO:                          Mr. KSR Wijayathilaka



The laboratory is currently equipped with the following instruments to aid in undergraduate learning and engineering research:

  • Universal testing machine (1000 kN)
  • V Funnel apparatus
  • Rebound hammer
  • Cover meter
  • Digital crack width gauge
  • Drying shrinkage and moisture apparatus
  • Vicat apparatus
  • Auto Blaine apparatus
  • Core cutting machine
  • Heat of hydration calorimeter
  • pH meter
  • 100 kg balance and digital balance
  • Bouncy balance
  • Vee bee Consistometer
  • Air entrainment meter
  • Rapid Chloride Permeability Tester
  • Concrete resistivity meter (portable)
  • Bar Cutting Machine
  • Bar Bending Machine