Ongoing Research

Intake 35
  • Aerodynamic Analysis of the “Quimbayan Aircraft”
  • Implications of grounded misconceptions on Occupational Health and Safety: A study of SLAF hangars
  • Design of a traversing Arduino pitot tube for the low-speed wing tunnel of KDU
  • Design of active flow control method for a 3-D wing
  • Development of a flight controller for longitudinal flight dynamics for MA 60
  • Design of a vertical wind tunnel
  • Conceptual design of a UAV with vertical take-off and landing capability
  • Maintenance Strategy Optimization for commercial aircraft operations in Sri Lanka
  • SMS Performance Evaluation in the Sri Lankan Aviation Industry
  • Air cargo transportation optimization model for Sri Lanka
  • Involvement of Human Factors in Aviation Accidents: A case study into the air accident of Cessna 152 at FITS Air
  • Designing of an air ambulance by converting an existing helicopter cabin
  • Transforming aviation in Sri Lanka to greener aviation
  • Online health monitoring of aircraft wing structure using strain gauges
  • The impact of health regulations implemented due to COVID-19 towards the working environment at airline maintenance hangars.