Aeronautical Engineering Lab

Aeronautical Engineering System Lab

The Aeronautical Engineering System Laboratory is equipped with many facilities to provide students the opportunity of dealing with actual aircraft components inside the laboratory itself. There is a series of aircraft engines available in the laboratory such as BELL 206 Jet Ranger, Y8 Turbo Prop, Antanov 32-B Turbo Prop and MiG 15 turbo Jet. These engine cutaways are arranged in such a way that they can be easily analyzed and examined by the student. 

Apart from the engines, the BELL 212 aircraft control model is a key feature in the KDU Aeronautical Engineering Laboratory. It provides the hands-on experience for the students about the controls of the aircraft along with a proper guidance to all the operations involved with it. Also, there are separate sections dedicated to aircraft landing gear, gauges, meters, armor and weaponry. All these sections provide the student to enhance the knowledge by acquiring the principles behind them.


Educational Wind Tunnel

The research capability of the department, particularly in experimental aerodynamics, has been enhanced with Educational Wind Tunnel (EWT). This open type configuration wind tunnel could generate wing speeds ranging from 4.5 ms-1 to 65 ms-1 to conduct model testing. Further, it is equipped with a model positioning system, and a digital three component force balance integrated with a data acquisition system which enables automatic data recording in carrying out testing. The EWT apparatus also includes with a 1:48 scaled F-16 model, drag models, a pressure cylinder, a pressure wing, a wing with flap & slats, a boundary layer plate, a wake rake, a yaw probe, a pitot static probe, a turbulence sphere and a multi manometer. These devices facilitate a number of experiments in aeronautical fluid dynamics.